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1. Transportation: We usually meet at the theatre before a tour and travel as a group to the location to perform, or they come to us. Moms will be asked to take turns car pooling or those who can drive may transport themselves.

2. How much will I get paid? That all depends on the tour - some tours entertain 20 kids and some 500!

3. Can I do this and another job? Absolutely! We cast 12 kids and only use 4-5 at a time - each show is designed to tour with 4-6 members so you will have a chance to rotate in and out of tours.

4. Does my mom/dad need to be at the audition? Yes, if you are under the age of 18.

TOURING SHOWS - We Come to You!

     Note: Interested in performing in our touring shows? Information is provided at the bottom of the page!

The Art Centre Theatre is, first and foremost, a community theatre. We utilize youth as well as adult actors when touring to a location. You may book our production to travel to your location or you may come to our spacious 75-100 seat theatre. We also have a large picnic area if you want to work in a lunch or snack!

For groups of more than 100, you will want to arrange for us to travel to your facility. There is no additional cost to book either version of the presentation. In a dramatic production, the audience watches the production from a seated location, (the floor is fine) after the production the cast will have a question and answer session with audience members.

Available shows:

Most tours occur Mon-Fri, 9am, 11am, or 1pm. Shows last 45 minutes and include Q&A. Alternate times are available on request.

To Book a Show: Contact Jamey Jamison (, 5220 Village Creek Dr, Plano, TX 75093. 214-810-3228.


A 50% deposit is required upon booking, balance due on the day prior to performance. No refunds or exchanges.


Teen Touring Cast Auditions

Auditions for teens performing in our summer touring shows can be arranged by contacting Please be prepared with a one-minute comedic monologue.

Every year ACT rounds up public, private, and home-school kids ages 12-18 and puts them to work. Interested parties should have reliable transportation, an open summer schedule, a pleasant nature, enjoy children and adults, and be willing to learn multiple scripts. During the summer shows can run from 9 am till 2 pm M-F - this allows for a summer job after 2:00 or on weekends. Auditionees need to bring a one-minute monologue and be prepared to answer random improv questions react to situations. Spots are paid, but are subject to availabilty. Auditionees must be able to pass a background check/drug test.

We will rehearse and improv the shows for 1 week, with periodic brush-ups to refresh everyone's memories. Participants will be paid a split from the shows. Each member will be cast in multiple roles and will rotate in and out of the tours. Those wishing to continue the tour schedule into the fall will have first dibs on spots. Preference is given to those who can commit to being in the tour troupe for a full year, however, this is not mandatory.

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