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About Our Productions

ACT performs shows appropriate for all ages as well as those oriented toward more mature audiences. If you have any questions about the content of one of our productions please contact us.

Wheelchair-accessible seating is available. Be advised that in some of our shows strobe lighting, fog machines, and similar special effects may be used.

Our shows are original productions by ACT staff and students unless otherwise noted.


Tickets may be purchased online or at the ACT box office. Tickets are non-refundable. Exchanges are allowed for a different performance of a production. Seats may not be exchanged from one production to another.. ACT reserves the right to cancel a performance if there are less than 25 tickets sold. Member discounts are valid only for online purchases and not at the door.

Armed Forces, PISD, City of Plano, and Hotel Discount Tickets at the Door:
Patrons and the employees of the fabulous Plano hotels and motels are entitled to a 10% discount off any tickets purchased at the door; show a receipt or current pay stub. (Receipts must be dated within 15 days of the show date.)

PISD Teachers, Plano Fire-fighters and Law-enforcement officers, City Of Plano employees, and members of the armed forces receive a 10% discount at the door with proper ID.

KERA Members

KERA members can receive a two-for-one discount at the door for non-special event shows! Look up the show date and time, note your desired seats from those available, and e-mail boxoffice@artcentretheatre.com with your request so we can hold your reservation; you may pay at the door when you show your KERA membership card.

Online Ticketing

Through our online ticketing system you can reserve your seats, print your tickets and pay with a credit card. Tickets are not available online one hour before the performance.

Our community theatre relies on our cast members to spread the word and sell tickets to their shows - contact your favorite cast member before purchase as there may be a discount available, and also be sure to specify their name when you purchase the ticket.

Even if you leave your tickets at home, your name will be on the door list. We will be waiting for you!

Should you encounter difficulty completing your purchase online please send an e-mail to boxoffice@artcentretheatre.com. Be sure to include your name and phone number as well as the performance in which you're interested. You will be contacted via phone for your credit card information to complete the purchase. Do not include your credit card information in the e-mail.

Common Issues:

Discount code not accepted - shows are occasionally offered with a special cast discount code. If you have been provided a discount code you must purchase the tickets one week before the show opens (an incentive to purchase your tickets early!).

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The system keeps erroring off - common errors are from the credit card expiration date format - it should be entered 'mmyy'. Some cards are now giving an exact day, please use only the month and year.

Current and Upcoming Shows on the ACT Main Stage

  • Tickets are non-refundable. Exchanges are permitted for a different performance of a production for a $5 fee. Seats may not be exchanged from one production to another. CLICK HERE if you wish to make an exchange.
  • Seats that are not occupied or confirmed as checked in by the scheduled start time of a show are subject to release and resale.
  • If a performance is sold out, you may be placed on our stand-by list when you arrive at the theatre, approximately 1/2 hour prior to curtain. We do not place names on the stand-by list unless you are physically present at the theatre.
  • ACT Member discounts are valid only for online purchases and not at the door.
  • No outside food or beverages; concessions are available before and during intermissions of most performances. NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE THEATRE, PLEASE.
  • Buying in advance through our online system is recommended; shows tend to sell out, so you are encouraged to buy early! ACT Members who buy online may also take advantage of automatic discounts; click the "Members/Sponsors" link above for more information on our membership program.

    Interested in performing in an ACT production? Experienced or not, young or old, you may be just who we're looking for! CLICK HERE to go to our Auditions page and find out more!

    By William Shakespeare





    August 10-19, 2018:

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

    On a Midsummer’s night, four young people find themselves wrapped in the dream-like arms of an enchanted forest where sprites lurk and fairies rule. While a feuding Fairy King and Queen are at war, their paths are crossed by Bottom, Quince and their friends presenting a play within a play. Chief mischief-maker Puck is on-hand to ensure that the course of true love is anything but smooth, and games of fantasy, love and dreams ensue in Shakespeare’s most beguiling comedy.

    Adult Cast: 

    Youth Cast: 


    by Michael Kelly

    A Kelz Productions Presentation



    August 24- September 2, 2018

    The Choices We Make

    Throughout life we all make mistakes. Its whether or not we let those mistakes define us! Unfortunately even when many people start making the “right” decisions in life, the world will often already have them categorized and labeled based on their past. This story is about a man who has had a muddied past, who after it realizes the way he’s living his life is not the life God wants for him. The main character, Michael, is older now and has a family, but an event happens that brings Michaels integrity into question. Though Michael has changed for the good, could he be reverting to his true inner nature, or is he really the innocent victim here?

    Adult Cast:


    A Candy Von Jameson Production

    September 15, 2018:

    Bippity Boppity Boobs: A Burlesque Experience

    For Mature Audiences 18+


    Produced through special arrangement with:

    Dramatic Publishing
    311 Washington St.
    Woodstock, IL 60098-3308

    Written By Wendy Mcleod

    Directed By Bo

    Click Here to Audtion.


    September 7-16, 2018:

    House Of Yes

    In Wendy MacLeod's obsidian-black comedy, The Pascals, for whom the clock stopped with the Kennedy assasination, are shut in as a Thankgiving hurricane swirls outside. Arriving ahead of the storm's eye are Jackie-O's twin brother, Marty and his fiancee Lesly. The obsessive Jackie is keen to renew her long-running incestuous affair with Marty, which is fine by the mother, who's still lamenting her husband's desertion, and by puppyish younger brother Anthony who immediately desires Lesly. The resulting battle over Marty becomes something of a class struggle between the Pascals' poetic insanity and Lesly's plebian pragmatism.

    Adult Cast:


     Adapted to the stage by ACT players

        Adults Click Here to Audtion.

         Youth Click Here to Register.

    September 21-30, 2018:

    The True Sory Of Empire Records: A Parody


    A day in the life of the employees of Empire Records, is filled with music and dancing. Each character has their own theme song that they will gladly share with you to express their teen-age angst.  This is a day where everything comes to a head for a number of them facing personal crises (plural) - can they pull through together, or will they just sing some more?


    All Age Cast:  Click here for tickets.


     Adapted to the stage by Daniel Frank




     October 5-14, 2018:

    Welcom To The Moulin Rouge: An Original Stage Adaptation

    A celebration of the Bohemian Code of; TRUTH. LOVE. and FREEDOM!  Business and pleasure mix at the Moulin Rogue! The infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, is brought to life at the cusp of the 20th century, A young man looking for purpose is plunged into the heady world of pay for play and begins a passionate affair with the club's most notorious and beautiful star. But this is not a love story it is a tragedy and NOT the story you THINK you know!

    Charity Night (10/4): 


    October 19-November 4, 2018:

    Shine On The Overlook

    In the tradition of storytelling, ACT takes this Halloween Opportunity to retell a story that has become urban legend. The SHINE! - What is it, where does it come from. who has it and why. One couple first brought this to our attention in 1970 and we have never been the same. The Torrance's will break out on the stage this coming Halloween with a story that is not too familiar. An action packed thriller, exposes the hotels dark and promises to ask more questions than it answers. Come see Shine On The Overlook!


    Adult Cast:


    Samuel French, Inc.

     235 Park Avenue South, Fifth Floor

    New York, NY 10003

     Local: (212) 206-8990

      Adults Click Here to Audtion.

    October 19-November 3, 2018:

    The Rocky Horror Show

    That sweet transvestite and his motley crew did the Time Warp on Broadway in a 25th anniversary revival. Complete with sass from the audience, cascading toilet paper, and an array of other audience participation props, this deliberately kitschy rock 'n' roll sci-fi gothic musical is more fun than ever.

    "A musical that deals with mutating identity and time warps becomes one of the most mutated, time-warped phenomena in show business." - The New York Times

    Adult Cast: 






    By William Shakespeare

    November 9-18, 2018:


    Macbeth, set primarily in Scotland, mixes witchcraft, prophecy, and murder. Three "Weïrd Sisters" appear to Macbeth and his comrade Banquo after a battle and prophesy that Macbeth will be king and that the descendants of Banquo will also reign. When Macbeth arrives at his castle, he and Lady Macbeth plot to assassinate King Duncan, soon to be their guest, so that Macbeth can become king.

    Adult Cast:

    By William Shakespeare

    Click Here to Sign Up For The Workshop on 9/29

    November 9-17, 2018:

    Unrehearsed Shakespeare


    Adult Cast:





    Adapted to the stage by ACT players
    Based on the book Series by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
    Art Work by Edward Ian Taylor 

    November 23 - December 2, 2018:

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  tells of a girl named Alice who fell through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults and children alike. It is considered to be one of the best examples of political satire as well as children's fantasy. The characters and imagery have been enormously influential, and the lessons they teach still have merit today, 150 years later, in both popular culture and literature. Join Alice, The White Rabbit, The March Hair, The Red and White Queen and many more in this trip through ... WONDERLAND!

    Youth Cast: 

    Adapted to the stage by Brendan Shea
    Based on the book Series by Lewis Carroll

    Click Here to Audition.






    November 23 - December 2, 2018:

    Alice vs Wonderland

    Lewis Carroll meets Lady Gaga in this psychedelic update of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Angst-ridden adolescent Alice unwittingly trades places with Mary Ann, the Wonderland version of herself. Now Alice must travel through a fantastical teenage dreamscape, challenged by Carroll's canonical characters every step of the way. Transforming every time she eats or drinks, Alice is played by six different actresses, each evoking a different aspect of adolescence. Together, they paint an entrancingly surreal portrait of a teenage identity crisis.

    A Pickola Tesla Production


    December 1, 2018:

    Cracked Mirror Zone






    A Candy Von Jameson Production


    December 7-22, 2018: The Fumbly Bumbly Angels

    This adorable show focuses on the true meaning of Christmas and shows us that even though it may take some of us a while to get there, the end result is always the same; love, patience, kindness and understanding, help us all to find the true spirit of the holidays. Appropriate for all ages and those at all stages, This fun musical look at the holiday season through the eyes of our "littlest" angels gives us all a moment to appreciate what really matters.


    Youth Cast: 



    Adapted to the stage by ACT players

    Based on the book "A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

    Art Work by Edward Ian Taylor 

    December 7-23, 2018:

    A Christmas Carol

    This excellent adaptation of Dickens' beloved story has all the humor and spirit of the Christmas season. The Narrator, who appears as Charles Dickens, takes us along each scene as the characters speak. It's the story you all know and love just in time for the Holiday Season!

    Adult Cast:







    Daniel Frank (Writer/ Director/ Producer)

    Abigail Frank (Writer, Producer) 

    December 7-15, 2018:

    Charlie Frown: A Holiday Carol

    Charlie Frown is tasked with directing the Holiday Carol this year. However, what Charlie thought would be a simple play turned out to be much, much more. Music, murder and mayhem fill this adult-themed late night just in time for Christma- ...the holidays! 

    Adult Cast:







    December 7-15, 2018:

    Hansel, Gretel, and Yetel: ACT's First Winter Pantomime


    In the style of traditional pantomime, Art Centre Theatre brings you the story of Hansel (our principal boy played by a girl) and “his” manly Dame sisters Gretel and Yetel as they eat a witch's house and try not to get eaten themselves.  


    Pantomime is great fun for the audience with shoutbacks, props, singalongs, dance interludes, and lots of other fun surprises. Come check out this beloved winter British pastime. 


    by Naomi Kelly

    A Kelz Productions Presentation 

                   Click Here to Audtion. 






    January 4-13, 2019:      What is Love? 

    Naomi Kelly continues an exploration into love, race and how it relates to spirituality in today's society with this critical look at relationships and marriage. It's the perfect answer to the sometimes-trivial attitude toward commitment in today's society. Naomi Kelly continues to delve into the tough questions explored in earlier Kelz Productions like; "Love Me Through the Bad" and “Who Has Your Attention?" and now "What is Love."

    A married couple, like most others find themselves being pulled apart by divisive friends and relatives. In any marriage, are the fights truly resolved? Can you trust the one you are with? How do you know if this is really the "right one”? Trust has a lot to do with a marriage, but how can you give that trust to someone who might not be who you think they are? 

    This play speaks to anyone who has had to take a risk and go all in ... or get out!

    Adult Cast:

    $15. ACT member discounts apply if you buy in advance using our online system. $20 at the door.






    January 18-February 3, 2019:

    Maid Marian and the Men in Tights


    Robin of Loxley took a vow of "celibacy" before leaving his betrothed behind to go "a-Waring" against the turks. While he has been gone things have gone horribly awry. Not only has he been locked up in prison after escaping a Jerusalem prison, the evil Prince John has confiscated his family estate, and is abusing the citizenry, the clergy has developed an alcohol problem,  and the forest is full of "merry men" dancing and singing around in tights 2 sizes too small for their .... ahem ... appendages.  Maid Marion enlists her friends, GRAND MASTER BLINKIN, his "friend" Will Scarlett O'Hara and Not so-little - LITTLE John to help regain order. Maid Marian hopes to put things right before Robin gets home, but her chastity belt may prove a challenge. Who has the DAMNED KEY!?

    Adult Cast: 

    Youth Cast: 




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    Toll Free: (800) 400-8160
    Fax: (212) 268-1245



    February 22-March 3, 2019:

    Be More Chill

    Jeremy Heere is just an average teenager. That is, until he finds out about “The Squip” – a tiny supercomputer that promises to bring him everything he desires most: a date with Christine, an invite to the raddest party of the year and a chance to survive life in his suburban New Jersey high school. But is being the most popular guy in school worth the risk? BE MORE CHILL is based on the novel by Ned Vizzini.

    Youth Cast: 

    Adult Cast: 

    Collin Miller (Writer/ Producer)

    Daniel Frank (Director/ Producer)

             Click Here to Audtion. 





    March 22- 31, 2019:  

    Rubber Bat


    Neon City is under attack! The diabolical Half-Moon Face, Along with her duplicitous hench-women Leather and Lace, have stolen half the cities gold supply! Commissioner Bootlicker and the good citizens his police force protects have only one man to call, the Rubber Bat! With his incredible arsenal of bat themed weaponry, and with some help from a plucky do-goooder known only as the Burrowing Owl, the Rubber Bat will save Neon City, returning the city gold, and putting those nasty criminals behind bars. That doesn’t mean he won’t fall for a frisky feline fatale along the way. Meow! Adventure and hilarity await all who witness the marvelous debut of THE RUBBER BAT SAVES NEON CITY!


    Adult Cast: 




    April 4-20, 2019:

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    Jesus Christ Superstar has wowed audiences for over 40 years. A timeless work, the rock opera is set against the backdrop of an extraordinary and universally-known series of events but seen, unusually, through the eyes of Judas Iscariot. Loosely based on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Superstar follows the last week of Jesus Christ’s life. The story, told entirely through song, explores the personal relationships and struggles between Jesus, Judas, Mary Magdalene, his disciples, his followers and the Roman Empire.





     Adapted to the stage by ACT players
    Directed By: Joy Badame  

    April 12, 2019:

    Walking With God

    Join the Art Centre Theatre in their 2nd annual live reenactment of the easter story. An interdenominational event to celebrate the beginning of the Easter Season. Come experience the last days of Christ as written in the Gospel of Mark. Great music with an encouraging messages expressed in a visual interpretation. Come one, come all! Be uplifted and hear the Good News!

    A percentage of the ticket sales will go to the charity of the audiences choice. On the day of the event we will have 5 charities up on the board and the audience will choose by vote.

    By Nancy Cassaro

    With Special Arrangements by

    Samuel French
    Ticket Price: $15
    Dinner Price: $10
    Total Event Price: $25

    April 26-May 12, 2019:

    Tony N' Tina's Wedding

    Audience members are the guests at the nuptial celebration of Tony Nunzio and Valentina Vitale in all its tacky and hilarious glory. Following the church service is a reception where the audience joins the wedding party and their bickering families for a pasta dinner, champagne toasts, wedding cake and dancing to a five piece band.

    Intermission-  After the wedding all guests will be asked to join us for appetizers while the wedding party is off taking wedding photos and the reception hall is being setup.
    Appetizers will consist of trays of hard and soft cheeses served with crackers, veggie tortilla rollup pinwheels and fried crab wontons.  

    Reception Dinner Menu:
    Tossed mix green salad (Three types of mixed lettuce, sliced carrots, croutons)   Italian and Ranch dressing available.

    Classic Baked ziti with ricotta, mozzarella

    Homemade meatballs and sliced sweet Italian sausage.

    Homemade gravy (never to be called sauce)

    Garlic bread with fresh roasted smeared garlic, butter, Italian seasoning.

    Dessert-slice of wedding cake.

     Click here for tickets.


    May 3-12, 2019

    Money Talks

    Jerry had it all, a beautiful wife, a great job. Pretty much a life that people dream of, but life came and disrupted everything. There’s nothing to do. He gets depressed and just closes up to everyone.  Have you ever felt like life isn’t fair? Like you take two steps forward and five steps back! You just want to give up! In “Money Talks” life crumbles down on this man. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, they do.

    May 17-26

    Girls' Weekend

    In this lightning-quick farce, four women travel to Dot’s Northwoods cabin to consume copious amounts of wine, laugh at their lives, trade stories and chat about their book club’s latest selection. However, after the third case of wine comes through the door, it becomes clear there will be more stewing than reviewing. Carol, who is monitoring her temperature for the best “window of opportunity” to get pregnant, gets a ride to the cabin from her husband, Rick, who is hoping the “time is right” for a quick tryst. She sends him home, frustrated, in a snowstorm, only to discover that her temperature shows she IS ready, and calls him to drive back and hide out in a shed until she can sneak him in with a special porchlight signal.

    June 7-16, 2019

    Archer Live: The Not A Musical

    Coming Soon!


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