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Did you know? As a member of a cast, crew or other volunteer in ACT productions, the hours you contribute may be matched by funds from your employer! Or, your employer may have a matching donations program where the funds you give to ACT are matched! Some employers will also offer goods and services at a discount. Please check with your employer to help us take advantage of these generous programs!

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Your membership means the world to us - you help to sustain our efforts throughout the year and support our rapid growth!

With an ACT membership, you can enjoy discounts on summer camps, class tuition, tickets, and more!

Becoming a Member and taking advantage of discounts is easy! It's all donation driven, and as simple as adding a few dollars when you purchase tickets to an ACT show, or clicking on the donation link below to make a direct donation. We'll have more information on additional program incentives soon.

Membership levels:

Level Contribution Ticket
Web site (W)
& Program (P)
Credit (opt-in)
Basic 0      
Opal $5.00 - 49.99 0 W  
Emerald $50.00 - 99.99 15% W,P  
Ruby $100.00 - 249.99 18% W,P  
Sapphire $250.00 - 499.99 20% W,P  
Diamond $500.00 and up 20% W,P 15%
Tuition discounts (valid for the first child onlyl in multi-child families) for Diamond members are applied when you pay your tuition through the link at the top of the page.

ACT uses the same secure site for membership management as we do for ticketing. If you've purchased tickets online previously, your same e-mail address is your login/member name. If you haven't, simply sign in to the system using the link below, and follow the prompts to establish your ID.

NOTE: We normally recognize our contributors on the ACT Web site. You may choose to remain anonymous and provide any notes on how you would like to be listed when filling out the donation form. Thank you!

      CLICK HERE to start or upgrade your membership.

      CLICK HERE to manage your membership information.

ACT will not sell or give the information you provide to any third party.

If you have any questions regarding membership or need assistance, please e-mail

ACT Members

  Opal   Emerald   Ruby   Sapphire Diamond

Valerie Abrahams
Marti Addams
Jose Aguilar
Beth Allphin
Shane Ames
Jana Bailey
Shawnna Ball
Samantha Barber
Cheryl Berklich
Elizabeth Bissett
Paula Boutell
James Brashear
Jeremy Brunner
Cynthia Coleman
Diane Cooper
Jeffrey Couch
Timothy DeCicco
Danielle Desilets
Dianne DeVille
Ginger DeWeese
Raul Dominguez
Lloyd Duke III
Chanel Epps
Gregory Estermyer
Drew Eubank
Ken Frisbie
James Glazebrook
Martha Goodman
Sue Gray
Greg Gutman
Kathleen Hodges
Alissa Horton
Sergio Hurtado
Sherry Ifft
Colleen Kelleher
Sally Kinkade
Tammi Kollinger
Cara Leoni
Zane Madrid
Noel Marroquin
Dave Marrs
Michael Martin
Robert Mattson
Anthony Mauro
Joanna McClees
Miraca Milburn
Alexandra Milton
Allison Montesino
Chris Naifeh
Brian Neeley
Celina Palmer Ruliffson
Cyndy Powell
Jane Ryan
Rob Schneider
Regina Segneri
Matthew Sherrill
Sharon Singel
Brandy Smith
Kim Smith
Erin Sood
Timothy Tesch
Adriana Trinidad
Laquita Tucker
Michael Tuggle
Austin Voith
Julia Wesley
Beverly Witt
Jason Wood
Phillip Wylie
Renae Young

Amanda and Vito Corral
Alfred & Beth Davis
Donna Naifeh
Riaz Salam

Terese Christensen
Harry Durstine
Peggy Moreno
Raj and Cynthia Singh
Mike, Joanie & Caleb Verinder

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Mary Jo Christian
Fine Family
Jorge Romero

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We can't do it without YOU! ACT is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization. Your tax-deductible donation is appreciated!

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